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Information on the W97M.Melissa macro virus

Computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other malicious programs pose an ever-increasing threat to PC users world wide. We believe that education concerning the threat and in the prevention of computer virus infection is the first step in stemming the tide. In order to assist in combating the spread of viruses, this information center is being developed and updated.

To be most useful, the information will be updated regularly with the latest information on computer viruses (we apologize for how infrequently this information was updated in the past). Armed with this information, you can join in helping to eradicate these malicious programs.

Background Information

The PC Virus Defined
Virus Types
Virus Features
How Viruses Spread

The Virus Threat

Current Threat
Future Threat

Virus Prevention and Recovery

Virus Prevention
Protecting Your Data
Recovering From a Virus Attack

Anti-Virus Products

Anti-Virus Products
Selecting Anti-Virus Products
NCSA/ICSA Certification
Purchasing Anti-Virus Software
Updating Your Anti-Virus Software

Other Virus Information

Virus Alerts
Virus Hoaxes
Viruses In-the-wild
Purchasing Anti-Virus Software
Other Anti-Virus Web Sites

New Features Coming Soon!

Viruses and Networks
Protecting the Enterprise
Viruses in the News
Viruses and Your E-Mail

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